Spotting and Making Use of Talents!

The contents do not require any psychological knowledge of the reader. Many chapters are supplemented with learning- and practice tips. Exercises facilitate the implementation in your own daily practice. Table of contents: Map of the six SIZE PROZESS® personality-styles; Sensitive, Analytics, Value-oriented, Creative, Active and Quiet; Characteristics of the six personality-styles; The "inner parliament"; The dynamism of personality-styles; Perception- and frame of references; Perception glasses; (Lifelong) convictions; Contact & trapdoors; Communications styles; Job satisfaction; Strengths, Gifts & Talents; Approaching tasks and the solution of problems; Dissonance patterns and stress; Mind games; Formation of the personalities, ...
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  • Autor: Fritz Zehetner
  • Verlag: TOP im JOB GmbH
  • Umfang: 215 Seiten
  • Format: 17 x 24 cm Softcover
  • ISBN: 978-3-902489-12-8