One goal. One method. Infinite solutions.

The innovative SIZE PROZESS® Analyses were developed on basis of the scientifically recognized concepts and models of transaction analysis. In addition, systemic and competence-oriented approaches were also integrated into our model.

We enable you to discover, develop and to bring into fruition the resources and the potential of people, teams and organizations, and to successfully manage crises and stress.

The questionnaires concerning personality on which the SIZE PROZESS® Analyses are based are simple, quick to use, reliable and scientifically evaluated.


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    they will accompany you for a lifetime!

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SIZE PROZESS® - Human Performance Guide®

It is currently not available in English. Potenziale und Ressourcen ausschöpfen! Krisen und Stress erfolgreich bewältigen! Dieses Buch gibt spannende und leicht verständliche Einblicke in die Analyse und das Erfolgsmodell für Personen, Teams und Organisationen.

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Spotting and Making Use of Talents!

The successful SIZE PROZESS® personality- and communication-modell with six integrated personality-styles is easily understandable described on 204 pages with a lot of illustrations.

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SIZE PROZESS® Figure Set, 6-Pcs. in wooden box

The SIZE PROZESS® figures, one of each personality style, are lovingly handcrafted in the Caritas Workshop St. Pius for people with disabilities.

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SIZE PROZESS® Figure Set 30-Pcs. in aluminum suitcase

The SIZE PROZESS® figures are lovingly handcrafted in the Caritas Workshop St. Pius for people with disabilities.

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