We enable managers to identify their talents and those of their employees, to use those talents and to activate potential.

With SIZE PROZESS® we use the analyzes for people, teams and organizations to create the framework conditions in which individuals can develop and create their maximum of motivated productivity and creativity, thus creating a future-oriented corporate culture.

Managers and employees can thus be developed in such a way that framework conditions and an awareness are created in which employees can realize their full potential.


We are the developer and licensor of the SIZE PROZESS® personality and communication model with the associated analyses.




You can obtain all SIZE PROZESS® analyses from trained and certified partners in our PARTNER NETWORK. There you will find those partners who regularly update their competence in SIZE PROZESS®. These partners are also available to you if you would like to use SIZE PROZESS® professionally in your company as part of your personnel and organizational development.


SIZE PROZESS® trained and certified partners commit themselves not to hand over analyzes without a confidential evaluation session. The aim of SIZE PROZESS® is to ensure that individuals and teams can in a goal oriented manner derive the greatest possible benefit from coaching, training and personnel development measures. This is to safeguard that the evaluation result can be well understood and used positively.


Our personality profiles cover the entire spectrum from strengths and talents to possible stress and failure patterns. The focus is on the individual person ... read more

Dual - personality and competence

In a dual evaluation, you can see both your personality and your current ability to act in connection with certain roles in the area of management & leadership, sales manager, sales employee, resilience, ...read more

future-oriented analyses of the current situation for teams

This analysis enables a compact view starting from the team culture up to your team’s current future-oriented ability, to act if it the aim is to go in the direction of an agile team ...read more


At a glance, you will receive an analysis of your organizational culture and the current future-oriented competencies when it comes to agility and/or resilience in your organization ...read more


Unique diagnostic!

Ulrike Clasen
Managing Director Netzwerk Kadertraining, Aarau, Switzerland

SIZE PROZESS® offers a real opportunity for an intensive discussion with yourself. Just as Delphi oracle invites: "Recognize yourself!". We can add here: Recognize the successful interactions and the successful communication with other personalities. SIZE PROZESS® does not rely on an oracle, but builds on scientifically recognized, theoretically founded and psychologically realistic concepts. Self-awareness with the SIZE PROZESS® allows our customers to act more effectively, more freely and more resiliently in their professional roles, they do this successfully for themselves and for their organizations.