Communication model

The SIZE PROZESS® Communication Model creates the opportunity to describe, explain and effectively design interpersonal communication and interaction. It enables effective handling in the creation of realities through communication. Self-reflection, relationship aspects and the shaping of relationships are in the foreground.

Communication is seen as a conscious and unconscious exchange between people and their environment. The basis of all communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, is human perception, which is dependent on the ego-system of the observer. When people enter into a communication process with each other, they create a communication or interaction system that is controlled by the ego-systems of the actors involved. Different worlds of language and experience come together, in which the recipient always decides (consciously or unconsciously) how a message reaches him or her. Communication is thus understood as an attempt to build consensus between two or 
more worlds of experience, which ideally leads to authentic communication (see also Glöckner 2010).
In order for contact and communication to succeed, SIZE PROZESS® believes it is necessary that people are addressed at the right level of their personality so that the levels of reality are complementary.