SIZE PROZESSĀ® electronic online questionnaires

Only scientifically evaluated electronic online questionnaires are used for the SIZE PROZESS® personality analyses.


The SIZE PROZESS® personality questionnaires were evaluated and further developed in cooperation with Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Werani (JKU Linz), so that the scientifically defined requirements for the quality criteria of reliability and validity are being met.

 "The overall quality of the SIZE PROZESS® measuring instrument is high!


All scales which the SIZE PROZESS® measuring instrument is based on, meet the defined minimum requirements for the proof of reliability and validity, with most scales far exceeding these. The overall quality of the SIZE PROZESS® measuring instrument can therefore be classified as high.

This result is statistically well backed up (secured).  This is because a) not only first generation methods were used for the scale test, but also second-generation methods, which are considered to be more demanding, and b) the test is based on a broad database (n = 751)".

Prof. Dr. Thomas Werani
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Dezember 2010