dual analyses

personality and competence

With the Dual Profile of SIZE PROZESS® you can - in the form of a single analysis - capture both, the personality as well as the competencies of a person's implementation-oriented capabilities.

areas of application:

As people, we are characterized by our personality and character traits, our strengths and weaknesses and our specific preferences.

skills and ability to act:Competence denotes the observable ability of a person to act, in connection with their core tasks or when coping with situations, open or complex. It is about the interplay of skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications on the one hand and characteristic personality factors with their resources and their potential on the other.

Management & Leadership


This profile shows both the personality and the implementation-oriented ability to act in the role of a manager. The results are evaluated in a special Human Performance Guide®.

Who am I?
You embark on a journey of discovery into your personality, with the aim of developing your unique potential and expressing your strengths and talents as a manager. You will also receive immediate suggestions and ideas for personal development through practical options for action. The statements on this are easy to understand and can be put into practice immediately.

My current ability to act:
The competencies aim to enable you to successfully master challenging management tasks in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. The important thing is that in your role as a leader, you succeed in shaping the future successfully, achieving the best for your organization and bringing people to their full potential.



Areas of application:
Self-coaching program
Executive coaching
Management and leadership development programs
Reflection for management and executives...)

The evaluation is available in the following languages:

The competencies to be measured can easily be adapted to the specific requirements of your organization, both in terms of content and language. A comprehensive competency catalog is available for this at SIZE PROZESS®.