Personality Profiles


SIZE PROZESS® Personality Profiles and Potential Analyses consider the individual and unique personality across the entire spectrum - from strengths to the limits under pressure and stress.
This is not a test or a test procedure and it is not an evaluation – in the sense of good or bad.

This comprehensive approach gives you a balanced insight into your personal “map” and the driving forces behind your actions. We reveal both your relationship expectations and the perception filters through which you - shaped by your unique personality - perceive and experience yourself and the world.

Discover your potential and understand your unique personality in all its depth with SIZE PROCESS®.

Learn more about it:

  • Your most distinctive personality styles
  • How would you like to be perceiveded by others?
  • What do you expect from yourself?
  • Characteristics of your core personality
  • Your preferred perceptual reasoning
  • Your preferred relationship to others
  • Your preferred style of communication
  • Your preferred way of making contact
  • Important basic psychological needs
  • Your map for satisfaction at work
  • Your talents and potentials
  • Personal potentials that you can successfully tap
  • Your sources of life and energy
  • If you lose your internal balance
  • Dynamic when highly stressed
  • Dynamic when a little stressed
  • Current emotional stability when stressed
  • Your tendencys in the drama-triangle
  • Your personality profile at a glance


The online questionnaire for personality profiles is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • French
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • Italian

People in Focus

We all remain in the roles of the character actors until we have found our own personality.

While fixed hierarchies and structures prevailed in companies in the past, the focus today is moving more and more towards agility and promoting the individual strengths of employees.
In our more than 30 years of experience as management consultants and trainers for personality development in medium-sized companies, we have found that this “new” approach is crowned with success.  Managers who encourage and challenge employees are in particular the ones who produce the most innovative solutions.


Inspired by a passion for programmatic research and development, Fritz Zehetner is always satisfied with how rapidly and sustainably the corporate culture in organizations can improve.

Unique diagnostic!

Ulrike Clasen
Managing Director Netzwerk Kadertraining, Aarau, Switzerland

SIZE PROZESS® offers a real opportunity for an intensive discussion with yourself. Just as Delphi oracle invites: "Recognize yourself!". We can add here: Recognize the successful interactions and the successful communication with other personalities. SIZE PROZESS® does not rely on an oracle, but builds on scientifically recognized, theoretically founded and psychologically realistic concepts. Self-awareness with the SIZE PROZESS® allows our customers to act more effectively, more freely and more resiliently in their professional roles, they do this successfully for themselves and for their organizations.