Personality Model


The SIZE PROZESS® Personality Model supports you in making the inner dynamics and visible behavior of people and their integration into a team or a company understandable. In this way, depending on the context, it can be positively influenced.

The SIZE PROZESS® Personality Model distinguishes six different and relatively stable personality styles resulting from prenatal characteristics, genetic dispositions and early attachment and childhood experiences. The personality styles are coherent systems of different attitudes, feelings, behaviors, reality logics and relationship concepts, which can be observed across the entire spectrum from healthy to dysfunctional (under mood and stress).

With the help of the six personality styles, people perceive their environment in a filtered way, define their reality, process information and react to their environment. From a psychological point of view, these are qualitatively different states of experience and attitudes that can more or less activate people depending on the situation. Each personality style has its own specific characteristics as well as strengths and talents, typical behaviors and stands for a specific style of adapting to the environment in order to survive and to fulfill expectations. Each personality style contains positive resources that are essential for problem solving and the fulfillment of basic psychological needs. The more autonomous a person is, the greater the range of possibilities for using the positive resources of all six personality styles. It is only under stress that flexibility is significantly restricted and dysfunctional patterns become visible as mood and stress patterns.


The six personality styles are initially ideal-typical descriptions, but they rarely or not occur in pure form in practice. In contrast to common typologies, SIZE PROZESS® sees the personality as a living EG0-system of six mutually related personality styles that are interrelated to one another and to their environment. This EG0 system develops decisions within the personality with the power of self-organization. It has its own logic and strives to secure its own continued existence.
From a systemic perspective, the psychological SIZE PROZESS® Personality Model can be assigned to the concepts of reality-constructive thought. This theory assumes that people do not have access to an objective reality and truth, but construct their own individual reality.
To systematically clarify the nature of the personality, SIZE PROZESS® uses the metaphor of the "Inner Parliament". This is associated with the idea that the six personality styles - like the members of a parliament - 
work together as internal organs in an EGO-system and that they develop a life of their own. The six personality styles as main components are mutually dependent on each other and are oriented towards preservation and stability. Changes in the inner parliament are 
therefore only possible in the way that is provided for in the autonomy (in the nature of the EGO-system) or changes can arise from the nature of the self-dynamics created. 
However, some of these constructions may also be unfavorable for successfully coping with problems or life, and may have a negative impact on the ability to think, experience, act and relate.

SIZE PROZESS® also gives specific information on how to develop your potential.

SIZE PROZESS® is much more than a test procedure!

Sigrid Stilp-Weiß

This personality model is based on scientific findings and is the accelerator for any consulting and/or coaching work. Whether for individuals, companies or institutions: I immediately get the status quo and can work much faster and much deeper.

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