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In team development, SIZE PROZESS® offers a total of different professional observation perspectives that can be used easily and simply - depending on your wishes and concerns - individually or in combination.

The Team Analysis stimulates an exciting, reflective dialogue. Existing actions, which are often based on tried and tested recipes for success in the past, can be contrasted with the new challenges of the future. The development need for a team can thus be identified at an early stage and it can react quickly and flexibly to these signals.


People in Focus

We all remain in the roles of the character actors until we have found our own personality.

While fixed hierarchies and structures prevailed in companies in the past, the focus today is moving more and more towards agility and promoting the individual strengths of employees.
In our more than 30 years of experience as management consultants and trainers for personality development in medium-sized companies, we have found that this “new” approach is crowned with success.  Managers who encourage and challenge employees are in particular the ones who produce the most innovative solutions.


Inspired by a passion for programmatic research and development, Fritz Zehetner is always satisfied with how rapidly and sustainably the corporate culture in organizations can improve.


Mag. Elisabeth Dudak
Partner Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, Vienna

What I particularly appreciate about SIZE PROZESS® is the wide range of possible uses of the Potential Analysis. I use them in various international talent development programs, work with them in coaching and like to use them for team development.
For me, SIZE PROZESS® is a communication and personality model with depth. It helps my customers to understand how they tick, which needs are important for others and in which interplay different characters work best together.