At the center of SIZE Prozess® 
are human beings and their potential.

It is important to recognize people’s strengths, skills, talents and potential and to promote them in a goal-directed fashion.

SIZE Prozess® Personality Profiles & Analyses of Potential are tools for professional self-assessment and for a personal definition of one’s own positions. They are based on and describe important characteristics of personalities, their strengths, gifts, talents, comptences  and their potential for development. They can be used for the selection of personnel as well as for training and development processes of people, teams and organizations.

The way people behave depends to a large extent on their environ-ment. For that reason, when defining individual profiles, SIZE Prozess offers the additional option of a 360-degrees-evaluation, which allows a complete comparison of one’s image as seen by oneself with the way others see us. For this purpose, a special 360-degrees Outside-Evaluation Online Questionnaire is available. In the corresponding Personality Profile, the result of this (anonymous) 360° evaluation is shown graphically in contrast to one’s self-evaluation.

There is also a SIZE Prozess 360° Online Questionnaire for the De-velopment of Teams and Organizations. Members of teams and organi-zations evaluate how they perceive themselves as a team or as an organization. At the same time, this process highlights personal characteristics, strengths, gifts, talents, cultural patterns and the potential for the development of teams, companies etc. in a fast and efficient manner.

You can obtain a SIZE Prozess® Personality and Competence Profile from certified trainers and advisers.

Questionnaire languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • French
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • Turkish
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