Spotting and Making Use of Talents! Activating Potentials!

Autor: Fritz Zehetner; Verlag TOP im JOB, 2006

The successful SIZE Prozess® personality- and communication-modell with six integrated personality-styles is easily understandable described on 204 pages with a lot of illustrations.

The contents do not require any psychological knowledge of the reader. Many chapters are supplemented with learning- and practice tips. Exercises facilitate the implementation in your own daily practice.

Table of contents:

  • Map of the six SIZE Prozess® personality-styles:
  • Sensitive, Analytics, Value-oriented, Creative, Active and Quiet
  • Characteristics of the six personality-styles
  • The "inner parliament"
  • The dynamism of personality-styles
  • Perception- and frame of references
  • Perception glasses
  • (Lifelong) convictions
  • Contact & trapdoors
  • Communications styles
  • Motivation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Strengths, Gifts & Talents
  • Approaching tasks and the solution of problems
  • Dissonance patterns and stress
  • Mind games
  • Formation of the personalities
  • development phases

Personal Reteaming and my personaly SIZE Prozess®
There are short summaries of each chapter for quick readers.

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