What is the basis of SIZE Prozess?

Fritz Zehetner

SIZE Prozess® is based on the scientific findings of Transaction Analysis as presented by Eric Berne and his followers, on the results of classical Developmental Psychology and on the Bioenergetics concept of Alexander Lowen und Ron Kurtz.

Since the end of the nineties, Hannes SIEBER of SIZE Success, Germany and Fritz ZEHETNER of SIZE Prozess®, Austria (= SIZE), both of them trained in Transaction Analysis, have been collecting and evaluating the most important findings and the most successful concepts of Transaction Analysis, Bioenergetics and Developmental Psychology.

To the results of this research, Fritz Zehetner and Hannes Sieber added their own experience of many years as advisers and coaches. The result of their intensive work in research and development is the SIZE Personality Model, which is easy to understand and immediately applicable in practice, as well as the accompanying comprehensive set of SIZE analyses of potential and various SIZE instruments.

The SIZE Prozess® Model as well as the instruments of analysis has been developed by Fritz Zehetner since 2004 and constantly being evaluated in practice and developed further in the context of many different projects.

The SIZE Prozess® models and instruments are being used successfully by qualified and certified advisers and coaches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and England for training purposes and for supporting the developmental pro-cesses of individuals and organizations.