The easily comprehensible and highly effective SIZE PROZESS® Personality and Communication Model has its well-founded theoretical roots in the psychological findings of the Depth and Humanistic Psychology of Transaction Analysis as well as bioenergetics after Alexander Lowen and Ron Kurtz. It integrates ideas from Depth Psychology, Gestalt and Behavioral Therapy, from modern systemic approaches and classic models of Developmental Psychology as well new findings of brain research. 

The development of the SIZE PROZESS® Base Model was fundamentally shaped by the cooperation of Hannes Sieber and Fritz Zehetner during the years 1999 - 2004. The motivation for their pragmatic development work was to establish an easily comprehensible and highly effective psychological model, derived from many years of diverse trainings and studies in numerous psychological fields as well as decades of experience in management, consulting and training. It helps people - even without basic psychological knowledge - to understand themselves and others better and to advance their own self-improvement . Out of this collaboration comes the word SIZE. It is composed of the first two initials of both surnames, Sieber = SI and Zehetner = ZE, SIZE.  

From 2004 on the internationally registered trademark SIZE PROZESS® brand has been taken over by Fritz Zehetner. 
To this day Fritz Zehetner has continuously developed precise analyses, models and concepts in applied research and development, in alternating cooperation with many national and international experts.
In the area of competence management, SIZE PROZESS® refers to current sociological, psychological and organizational scientific approaches for measuring, evaluating and developing talent and competence.

Integrative and systemic effectiveness

Szilvia Lakner
contract teacher and scientific researcher University Pécs, managing director LARTCO Consulting Kft

I have used SIZE PROZESS® methods and concepts in a large EU-funded management development project.
In this project, SIZE PROZESS® fully convinced in the area of individual development advancement in persons. As a lecturer and scientific researcher at the University of Pécs I can confirm both the integrative and systemic effects of the SIZE PROZESS® instruments. The use of a total of 330 personality profiles can become an excellent basis for a future scientific research project.