Analyses and Consulting Concepts

SIZE PROZESS® provides a range of psychologically sound research-tested instruments, concepts and that focus on different main-points:


If your central focus is on people, then SIZE SMART® provides a digital one-pager solution (starting  2020). With SIZE PROZESS® you get an overall personality analysis, meaningful and proven over many years. So far, these analyses have been used successfully in almost 40 countries around the world and are unique in their depth, breadth and quality of their statements. more


The dual SIZE PROZESS® Analyses take into account the trend that not only relatively stable personality traits are made visible, but also competencies at the same time. These have been operationalized beforehand with the most precise possible description of behavior. more


The Team Profile provides a future-oriented analysis of the current situation for teams. The focus is not only directed towards the individual team members, but towards the entire system of the team. The Personality Profiles of the team members are not being summarized, but the Team is recorded as an entire system with its culture and skills. The goal of the team Analysis is to optimize the future-oriented overall performance in the direction of an agile team and to create a motivating culture in which team members can develop their full potential in order to achieve the set goals. 


The goal of the SIZE PROZESS® Competence Management is to describe competencies, to make them transparent and to ensure the transfer, use and development of the competences with regard to strategic corporate goals. At the same time, a concept for a practically oriented implementation of the competence management in the company was developed. Please also note the literature on this topic in our shop: "Talent turns into competence". 


The dual future-oriented analysis of the current situation, AGILITY and/or RESILIENCE for Organizations, stands for an analysis of the corporate culture as well as for an efficient and compact analysis of the current ability to act. In order to go in the direction of an AGILE and/or RESILIENT company, this analysis is mostly used at the beginning of development projects. It shows strengths and possible areas of development that can subsequently be worked on in a targeted manner.