"Unfolding potential means together rising above oneself."

Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther


One goal. One method. Infinite solutions.

The innovative SIZE PROZESS® Analyses were developed on basis of the scientifically recognized concepts and models of transaction analysis. In addition, systemic and competence-oriented approaches were also integrated into our model.

We enable you to discover, develop and to bring into fruition the resources and the potential of people, teams and organizations, and to successfully manage crises and stress.

The questionnaires concerning personality on which the SIZE PROZESS® Analyses are based are simple, quick to use, reliable and scientifically evaluated.

Analyses and Consulting Concepts

The SIZE PROZESS® Analyses and Consulting Concept makes the potential and the ability to act for your own personality as well as for teams and companies visible and helps to develop it and bring it into fruition. more

Personality Model

The psychological model of SIZE PROZESS® enables you to better understand the internal dynamics, the interplay of the mutually influencing, different main building blocks of personality in their internal interaction, and the interaction with their environment. ... read more

Communication Model

The SIZE PROZESS® communication model offers you the opportunity to describe, understand and effectively design interpersonal contact, communication and interaction. more

Unique diagnostic!

Ulrike Clasen
Managing Director Netzwerk Kadertraining, Aarau, Switzerland

SIZE PROZESS® offers a real opportunity for an intensive discussion with yourself. Just as Delphi oracle invites: "Recognize yourself!". We can add here: Recognize the successful interactions and the successful communication with other personalities. SIZE PROZESS® does not rely on an oracle, but builds on scientifically recognized, theoretically founded and psychologically realistic concepts. Self-awareness with the SIZE PROZESS® allows our customers to act more effectively, more freely and more resiliently in their professional roles, they do this successfully for themselves and for their organizations.